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Existing regular customers only can request our services from SATURDAY 26th AUGUST. 2023. We are unable to take on any new customers during the Christmas and New Year periods.


Because of the volume of requests from our existing customers, it's a time of year that we have a strict policy on bookings.

The areas of Brighton & Hove City are split into postcode areas. During early October we become fully booked in most postcode areas.


All bookings are 100% non-refundable at the point of booking for the period of the 22nd of December 2023 through to the 3rd of January 2023. Any dates booked outside of these dates will receive a credit.

Due to the volume of requests last year and becoming fully booked quickly in some areas, we will be processing requests in groups on a first come, first served basis.

Once we have reached the maximum amount of bookings in certain areas we will not be able to take on any more requests.


Brighton & Hove areas are split into four sections and covered by our team who are working in that specific area. Once an area is fully booked we will not be able to take on any more bookings for that specific area.

There will only be 1 visit available on the 25th AM for Christmas Day (see below for further information)



Group 1 - Priority is given to our existing registered customers who have used our services throughout the year between January 10th to August 26th, 2023.

Group 2 - Any other registered existing customers can request Christmas/New Year who have not used our services between January to August 2023. 

Requests are placed in strict order by date and time, and we will confirm bookings as soon as possible ( this is subject to payment arriving within 24 hours, otherwise requests will automatically cancel in our booking system)

At least 75% of confirmed bookings are made when we open booking requests on the 26th of August.


We will only consider bookings for two days or more. We can not accommodate a single visit for example just on the 25th am.

 There will only be 1 visit available on the 25th AM for Christmas Day. If a PM feed is required we can leave extra food OR alternatively, please provide a cat timer machine. We recommend the very simple, cost-effective machine cat mate single or double feeder available from most pet shops or online platforms (price range £20-£30).


We are unable to provide our 'Stay, Play & Feed' PM services from the 22nd of December to the 5th of January this is due to the volume of requests and time restraints.

There are no standby lists for the Christmas period as we rarely receive any cancellations.

If a customer cancels then their space will remain available for them in case their plans change again and they choose to go away. The space will not be offered to any other customers and will remain available for them in our booking system.

At the point of booking, customers are reminded that the Christmas period booking is non-refundable.



































































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