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Cat Feeding visits AM & PM (visiting at some time between 5 am - 11 am & 3 pm - 8 pm)


We can provide morning and afternoon feeding visits which include litter scooping, changing litter, fresh water, fresh food, and clean bowls.


To provide an effective level of care for your pet whilst you're away, we will only agree to and accept bookings of at least one visit per day for the duration of your absence (so we will not take bookings of visits every two, three, or more days). This is to ensure your pet always has adequate company, food, water, and any health or welfare issues that can be identified and managed as soon as possible while you are away.

Cat Feeding Visits AM & PM + EXTRA EXTENDED CARE SERVICE (20 minutes or longer if required)

This service is tailored for our customers who require additional extended cleaning, have known issues with sickness or toilet accidents, might need extra medical attention, or require us to stay a little bit longer than our standard visits. This is ideal for cats that miss the litter tray through old age and have accidents often but they would rather be home stress-free than boarding at a cattery.


Stay, Play & Feed visits (visiting at some time between 3 pm - 8 pm)

Stay, Play & Feed are available on PM visits only (visiting at some time between 3 pm-8 pm)

(This service also includes litter scooping, changing litter, fresh water, fresh food, and cleaning bowls)


Stay & Play visits are available for 20 or 30 minutes, we will visit once during the time of 3 pm-8 pm.


Please note that this is not a booked time-specific service and we will visit during the times mentioned above.


See our dedicated page for all the information you might need about this service.


 How to book, cancel or extend a booking

Customers can book, cancel & extend bookings by using our easy-to-use automated system once registered with us.



We hold many keys for our customers which offers greater flexibility and convenience.

For our customers for whom we do not hold a key, we offer a key returning service for £5. Once safely home customers book online to have their keys returned back.

Keys for any future bookings would need to be dropped off at one of our sitter's homes and full details are given at the time of booking.

We are unable to leave keys on the last visit as this would invalidate our insurance policy and we do not provide a key collection service.



Scheduled bookings can be cancelled using our automated booking system. 

Customers can visit their schedule and click on the dates they wish to cancel and receive a credit for future bookings (credits exclude any dates during the Christmas period from the 22nd of December through to the 3rd of January (see our dedicated page).


A minimum of 12 hours notice is required for a credit for a visit that we are due to attend.



All dirty litter and used pouches are always removed from your home and disposed of leaving your home fresh from unwanted smells.

To help the environment we use biodegradable bags to remove waste and recycle where possible. We never flush litter or leave rubbish inside a customer's home.


Keeping in touch

We always send a complimentary service report email on our 'First & Last' visits to let you know we have started and finished our service.


We can provide a daily picture or feedback after the initial complimentary report for just £0.50p per day, this can be requested and booked online. 



Toto Cat Feeding & Cat Sitting for Brighton & Hove

Est. 2010

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