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Est. 2010

Toto Cat Feeding & Cat Sitting for Brighton & Hove


Team Toto provides our services 365 days a year and all our prices INCLUDE any parking fees and there are no credit card or debit card fees. 


We can visit up to two times a day, we offer 3 types of services for our customers to choose from which best suits their specific needs.


Service No.1. Our traditional 'Cat Feeding' service AM & PM (visiting at some time between 5 am-11 am & 3 pm-8 pm)


We can provide cat feeding visits AM & PM which include litter scooping or changing, fresh water, fresh food, setting timer machines, and cleaning bowls. Patcham, Hollingbury, Westdene & Withdean areas please add £1 to each visit to cover additional fuel and time.


Monday to Sunday    -    £11 per visit (includes any parking fees)

Daily photo or Feedback  50p - we send a complimentary photo or feedback usually on our first visit, some customers like a daily picture or written report so we can happily provide this service. These can be sent every AM, PM, or both if required. 

All UK Bank Holidays, April 7th 2023 (Good Friday), April 9th 2023 (Easter Sunday), June 2nd & 3rd, December 24th, 27th, 31st 2022 & 1st January 2024    -   £15  per visit (includes any parking fees)


Christmas Day (AM visits only on this day) & Boxing Day (AM & PM available)    -    £20 per visit (includes any parking fees)


Service No. 2 'Extra Extended Care Service' AM & PM (20 minutes or more if needed, the extra time required for extended cleaning duties or medical needs) 

Monday to Sunday £20 (includes any parking fees) Bank Holidays/Easter dates add £4  


Service No.3. 'Stay, Play & Feed'  visiting for 20 or 30 minutes -  (visiting at some time between 3 pm-8 pm) This service is only bookable for our PM visits, see our dedicated Stay, Play & Feed page for full details about this service.


20 minutes £20 or 30 minutes £25   (includes any parking fees, visiting between 3 pm-8 pm) All Bank Holidays/Easter add £4


 Other add-on services and prices

💊  Medication/Supplements given to cats £1.00 in treats/pill pockets/mixed in with food 💊 

🐢 🐭🐹🐰🐔. Other small Pets  (dry food, fresh veg, water change & hay/straw)  £1..00  🐢 🐭🐹🐰🐔        🐠🐟  Fish feed  £0.50p 🐠🐟

😺 Additional cat charge over the amount of three cats =    4-5 cats in a household add £2  and  6-7 cats add £4 😺

🌹🌷💐🪴 Water gardens/indoor plants  (3 options are available )

1 minute quick watering for a few easily accessible plants for £1 , £5 for up to 5 minutes (a few indoor house plants kept in their original locations or outside) £10 for 10 minutes (indoor plants and outside gardens/veg patch) 🌳🍀🌱🪴

🧹🧽  Special 'add on service' 10 minutes of carpet/floor vacuum cleaning to remove cat hair for an extra £5.00 🧹🧽











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